What our customers have been asking. 

1) Can I use the Widepanel or the Ceiling & Wall or the Driwall panelling in my conservatory?

Yes, you can use all of our panelling products including the in a conservatory.

2) Can I use the panelling in a steam room?

We would recommend the Widepanel, shower panels for a stream room. NOTE: The panelling can be used in rooms with up to 60 degrees centigrade heat.

3) Is the Ceiling & Wall Panelling suitable for a shower enclosure?

Yes, you can use the Ceiling & Wall Panelling in a shower enclosure, however, we would recommend the Widepanel, shower panels for this as they are designed especially for shower areas.

4) Are the panel suitable for commercial use?

Yes, the panels are suitable for commercial use and are Class 1 fire rated. The fire rating certificates are available on request. Please contact our head office on 0141 641 0071.

5) Do the panels have a guarantee?

All of our panels have a 2-year manufacturers guarantee. A copy of the guarantee is available on our website.

6) Can the panels be fitted directly on to ceramic tiles, plywood or plasterboard?

The panels can be fitted in the following ways: a) Tiles – Use the Wetrooms Silicone Sealant to secure panels to ceramic tiles, as both products are non-porous. b) Plywood – Seal the plywood with a general sealer from any DIY store and then secure with Wetrooms Panel Adhesive. The panels can be secured to batons on the wall. c) Plasterboard – Use the Wetrooms Silicone Sealant, overlap the joins of the plasterboard with the panelling.

7) Is the WPC Luxury Vinyl Click flooring suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories, living rooms and bedrooms?

Yes, all of the WPC Luxury Vinyl flooring is suitable for all areas of the home. The flooring is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories.

9) What should I clean my Wetrooms products with?

Wetrooms supplies specially manufactured panel cleaner and floor cleaner. Do no use any household abrasive cleaners on the panelling i.e. Flash, Cif or bleach. Day to day washing up liquid can be used with a damp cloth.